Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The City Again!

Back in the city again, staying with a friend as usual and getting ready to go to the office to work.  One thing I do like about being at her place is the orderly environment, there's no construction here!  Have to say I really need that every now and then, nothing to do but write or do whatever I want.  Just focus on life.  Imagine that!  So looking forward to it, but I have to remember to enjoy the process, everyone tells me that, including my father who built a summer house when he was in his 70's.  He's an inspiration as he did a lot of it himself in spite of not being a trained carpenter. 
The one thing I do enjoy about the city/country lifestyle that I have right now is the extreme contrast brings me the benefits of both.  For instance, tonight (city) we are going out for sushi, to a new place that everyone says is fantastic and inexpensive AND is two blocks away from my friends apartment.  Contrast that with yesterday (island), went for a long walk in the woods, kept the woodstove going, finished putting spruce boughs, that were blown down in the wind, around the house for christmas decorations, took some pictures on the beach and worked some more at painting the window in my new office.  Small panes on an restored window, not an easy tasks but looks great now.  Right now I'm hearing buses and traffic go by on her very busy central street in Vancouver, at night we hear sirens, yelling etc but I'm used to it having lived in the city for so many years.  Last night on the island the wind was whooshing through the trees all night, a wonderful sound but we do worry sometimes about a tree falling on our house.  Does happen. 
The best of both worlds would be to have some kind of lofty apartment in the city to crash to work or to play and live mainly on the island.  A good dream but not a possiblilty right now financially.  We have to work hard and focus on our island house and finish it.  One thing at a time.  OK to dream though isn't it?
I feel very fortunate to have the life I have.  Sometimes I deal with guilt arising from feeling that I'm not working hard enough, or making enough money.  This comes from my upbringing and the North American culture we live in.  I have had the advantage of living in Europe for 4 years and having travelled a lot in my life so I am very aware of how many people put life first, work next.  I still deal with guilt when I am not producing enough.  Funny isn't it.  The irony is that if I worked harder,  our place would be done faster and would be nicer maybe, but I would not have time to enjoy it as much.  I'd be tied to the schedule of 9-5 and be stressed about workplace politics.  I work on contract now, so I make my schedule, come and go as I please with some limitations but as long as I'm doing my job well my bosses don't bother me.  I could do this forever, I think I might actually. 
Interesting to ponder the differences in the city lifestyle vs the island lifestyle.  Both are great in their own way, it just comes down to what 'fits' for you.  So far I'm liking having both. 


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