Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Back in the city once again, ferry ride a little bumpy this time, some whitecaps out there.  The Santa ship was fanatastic, much more than I expected. 

Santa and Mrs Claus and the entourage of singers and Christmas Pirates got off the ship and entertained everyone especially the children who got to sit on Santa's knee and got a present to take home.  Everyone was in such great spirits.  I am more impressed with this island all the time.  Considering the small population of full time residents, they have amazing community events such as this one.  I will be attending and posting pictures of the annual new year's eve lantern festival which is even more amazing. 
Our plan this weekend is to sail over to the Victoria to do some Christmas shopping and just enjoy the beautiful decorations that Victoria always manages to do.  What a gorgeous city.  I am so looking forward to it.  This years Christmas gift for me is a yearly membership to the Butchart Gardens.  They are so beautiful and how wonderful to be able to go any time though the year.  Victoria is actually closer than Vancouver for us so we will be able to visit the gardens often. 
Went for lunch at a new Thai place, it was really great, curried tofu and vegetables.  I have to get my ritual city food.  At home in our new kitchen we tend to cook everything ourselves, we love it and our new kitchen is just amazing.  We have one of those stoves that is sort of industrial style, lots of heat and looks great, stainless of course.  Bought it at costco for a fraction of what it would be anywhere else.   This Thursday its our annual shortbread making day, I made mustard pickles last weekend.  I have been craving them and no one makes them the way I like them.  Really good.  We have been using a special shortbread mold pan the last few years, really like it, it's pattern is the thistle.  How Scottish.
When I get home this time it will be time to clear out more of the construction mess and make room for our time off.  It's so much harder to do this when its cold and rainy outside but I must.  It's getting me down and looks so terrible.  Even an organized mess is better.  PJ wants to start the seat/storage area in the entry.  Where to put his tools?!  ARGGG!!
It will be so good when we're done.  Imagine......


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