Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back Home

Back home on the island once again, ferry ride last night was nice and peaceful as usual and a good way to transition into 'island time', islanders like to say that they keep the ferry run long enough to allow the city dwellers to shake off the stress so they won't bring it on the island.  Works for me and now I do find traffic and the buzz of the city a bit overwhelming at times.  After two days I'm ready to come back beleive it or not. 
The sushi was amazing!  They are quite a creative bunch in the kitchen although they have great standard stuff as well.  It was a new place that has just been discovered, inexpensive and fantastic.  That's one thing we do miss is the ethnic restaurants.  The restaurants on the island are good too but nothing compares to city ethnic holes in the wall that we love so much and lived so close to.  In our neighbourhood alone there was: Philippine, Chinese, Indian, Indian-Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Greek and more all within just a walk or a short drive and none very expensive.  We loved loved loved that about our neighbourhood.
Just packed up the christmas box going to family on the east coast.  Going to cost way too much of course, but I just have to include my own personal shortbread and so many other small details that it ends up being a big production.  All worth it when they open it and are delighted with the small special items.
Also went to my first official appointment with my health care practitioner here, transferred my chart but its not there yet.  They ordered blood tests and called a few hours later to schedule a follow up appointment.  I immediately thought - oh oh.  But I waited until the appointment to find out what was going on, turns out, nothing!  They are just that fast!  Wow, I'm liking this rural thing already.  At home it would be hours out of my day, a 6-10 buck parking fee and having to call back myself to find out the results.  This is so great.  I feel like I actually matter and have people who take care of my health.  I love it.
We're currently deliberating over our Christmas plans.  This year is different, we would love to just stay here and keep it low key but there are family members to consider.  As much as we love getting together, it seems there's so much stress to make that one day special that it gets in the way of reason sometimes.  We have to get creative.  I'm calling it Christmas week from now on, give us more leeway.  But I am will totally enjoy having two weeks off this season.
Going to the Santa Ship this weekend, never been before.  Its been a long tradition on the Gulf Islands and the San Juan islands.  Check it out:
Pacific Northwest Santa Ship
I can't wait!


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