Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well, this is a bump in the road.  PJ just found out he is probably going to be out of work for about 2 months or so after Christmas.  Wow.  Just taking in the news and wondering what to do about it.  I am a believer in  staying positive and hopeful during times like this, although I know its hard, and if you manage to stay in a good state of mind you are far more likely to make it through unscathed and maybe even end up in a better place. 
A career counsellor told me recently that at a time like this you have to stop restricting your thinking to what you think needs to happen, you should open up your mind, brainstorm and not limit yourself to anything. 
I think that's what we should spend the weekend doing.  Making mental maps, otherwise known as mind mapping to figure out where we should go from here.  It's scary and exciting at the same time.  This could be the beginning of something really interesting for us. 
There's a book called What Colour is Your Parachute?  that I read years ago and need to read again, for both of us.  I love my job now but with our new style and place of living, things really do need to change.  I knew it before but now I have to face it head on. 
I'll probably share a lot of the learning right here on this blog as a way to process and who knows, help somebody else. 

So to begin:
I will be open to whatever happens
I will be grateful for what I already have and what I have accomplished
I will remain hopeful and confident
I will stay connected with people and situations that encourage hope and confidence.  Positive people.
I will gain clarity and focus, then act
I will do something every day to pursue my goals
I will visualize success in all areas of my life
I will choose to make this process one of ease, grace and simplicity
I will explore every option

There, that's the beginning, I feel better already.  I find another thing that helps me is reading about people who have overcome huge obstacles and about people who have accomplished wonderful things that they can be so proud of after their work is done on this earth.  I will read more of these stories too.


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