Monday, May 6, 2013

Victoria BC

I went to a conference last weekend in the beautiful city of Victoria, stayed at a hotel and spend a couple of days wandering around.  I just love this city.  I'm hoping to set up some work  there for myself someday soon.  This conference really helped to get my enthusiasm back and to meet other people in my profession who are so interesting, people I would love to get to know better.  There were top notch speakers and everything was very well organized.  I have made a vow to consistantly  do this and never ever neglect my professional development again.  The excuse I always have for myself is I don't have enough money, or time.  That is total nonsense and I am reminded at tax time that I can afford it because when I attend these conferences, the taxes I get back almost compensate the whole thing.  But more importantly,  the passion for my work is rejuvenated, I get to interact with new people and maybe create new opportunities for myself.  I just love the whole thing.  This is the very reason I went to school for so many years.  To get out of my dead end job and make something out of myself and learn every day. 
I heard Anthony Robbins say one time that he was amazed at how many people are looking to get out of the 'rut' they are in when actually they could begin by honouring their own profession by giving it the care and nurturing it deserves.  He suggested taking courses and upgrading qualifications that you already have.  That really hit home for me, sometimes when I am pining for change, the answer is right there in front of me.  There could be a niche within your job scope that you have not pursued, a type of specialist certification that could be done.  It's all up to you.  I have turned over a new leaf with respecting my own profession and I am now going to work hard to upgrade my qualifications to reflect some particular interests of mine.  And...have fun doing it.


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