Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lily Dale

After my son died, over 10 years ago, I went to a mediumship (spiritualist) demonstration and was given messages that absolutely confirmed my already solid belief in the spiritual world.  No surprise really but a welcome gift in my process of intense grieving.  I don't really know how people can get through a death without such a belief, it was essential for me.  Even before my tragedy, I had an strong belief in spirit, I had always believed that we are spiritual beings living a human experience in order to learn something, the earth school.  So the messages I received that night and the many I have received subsequent to this time have been a guiding light in my life.  I still feel that although he is gone, I have constant contact with him, including some guidance, and will see him when it is my time to pass over. 
I stumbled on an author Wendi Corsi Staub who writes about a town called Lily Dale in New York State and its quirky, wonderful, talented people.  She grew up not far from this town and is familiar with its appeal.  I have always wanted to visit Lily Dale but have not yet had the chance to do so.  It's amazing how a belief in a spiritual existence changes everything about how we experience our human challenges.
Recently there has been much more open discussion about the value of hallucinogenic drugs like ecstasy for therapeutic uses.  Believers don't need drugs to get the perspective of a spiritual existence but recently there has been more and more evidence that using drugs in a careful way can help a person get to the place of seeing life experiences as spiritual lessons in a way has been changing people's lives.  Even CNN had reported such studies.  It makes you think doesn't it?
Some people get this perspective through their religious beliefs, some through healers (like mediums) here on earth, and others through the therapeutic uses of drugs.  No matter how we get here, we need some help to understand the human experiences that we can't cope with.  I believe this is a statement about our crazy culture and how we don't allow anything outside of what is considered 'normal' to be  Incorporated into our reality.  We need to expand our horizons.  It makes life much more understandable and our ability to continue on through tragedy much stronger. 


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