Sunday, March 17, 2013

Westcoast Driftwood

This is a picture of a driftwood beach shack that we found on the beach today.  When I first arrived  on the westcoast, I was shocked at the size of the driftwood at the beach.  Where I grew up there were pockets of driftwood, a lot smaller because the trees are smaller, and we had to search quite a long time to gather enough for a bonfire, which we did often.  Here, the driftwood is huge and everywhere you go, you have to walk over them to go for a walk on the beach as we did today. 

Anywhere that you find driftwood around here it seems that someone ends up building a hut, I'm not sure who does it but it so charming.  I can only imagine if it was a romantic rendezvous or some kids having a party or who knows what.  I always envision what it would be like to be able to stay there for a few days.  Too cold right now, but later in the summer. 
I especially love this one and its beautiful decorations at the doorway.  Someone lovingly brought jewelry to adorn their creation and left it behind for all of us to enjoy.  How wonderful.  What a great place to live.


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