Friday, March 1, 2013

West Coast Starfish and the Power of Intention

One of the most amazing things I saw while I was living in Alaska was gigantic starfish something like this picture.  Once, we were staying for the weekend in the beautiful seaside village of Homer Alaska and everyone we talked to told us to make sure we took a trip on a little ferry called the 'Danny J' which left from the Homer Spit.  We did and it was one of the best things I've ever done. 

It was a lovely little ride around some small islands, we saw puffins and other seabirds, sea otters and once we got to Halibut Cove, we got off the boat to stay for a few hours wandering around the boardwalks and pathways.  Halibut Cove is a small artists community with only about 25 or so permanent residents, with one restaurant and many art galleries.  While walking along the boardwalk I saw in the water the most huge, amazing starfish in all different colours.  This was the first  time I had ever seen such a thing, even though I grew up near the ocean on the east coast.  We have many similar starfish here in the Pacific Northwest too, I see one almost everytime I go out for a walk by the water.  I never get tired of seeing them.  They come in many sizes and colours too.

Isn't that just amazing!!!  The other day we went out for a walk on the beach and we saw a seagull struggling with something huge in its mouth...we stayed a while and watched until we finally realized it was a very large starfish.  It took the seagull many tries and lots of flinging to finally break it apart and swallow it.  It was almost the size of the seagull itself.   It looked something like this except the starfish was even larger:

Something just recently brought memories flooding back that  I hadn't thought of in a long time.  That day I was in Halibut Cove, I looked around at the houses and the lifestyle of the people who lived there and thought to myself 'I'd like to live like this someday'.   I was completely enchanted and my life at the time was not anything like the life that was there in front of me.  I literally hadn't thought about that in over 10 years.  I really meant it when I said that to myself but I also thought it was not possible.  Now here I am 15 years later, living on an island on the westcoast, seeing starfish whenever I want to , surrounded by artists and interesting people.  Really living the kind of lifestyle I envied back then.  I think I had inadvertently set an intention that day.  I am a big believer in intentions, they are powerful things.  Once that intention was set, I made decisions later on in my life that led me to the ideal life that I had pictured there.   One seemingly unconnected decision after another and here I am without realizing I was doing it.  Wow! 

This is the thinking behind vision boards.  Creating a board of pictures or images of what we want to draw into our lives.  Once you can visualize a goal I believe it is much more likely that you can achieve it.  I had a real life vision of a life that I wanted and ended up creating one very similar with all the characteristics that attracted me about that place.  Minus the Alaskan winters, dodged a bullet there.  Everytime I see starfish now I am reminded of what I have created. 


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