Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Blues

I've noticed something since I've moved here.....winters are easier to bear on the island!  I don't feel as down as I have in past years in the middle of february.  I've been trying to figure this out because everytime I go back to the city I notice how cold and gray it looks.  By contrast the island is still almost as green as it is in summer, maybe moreso because the grass always turns brown from the heat and dry of summer.  Where we lived in the city there were only deciduous trees and in winter it was quite barren looking.  I remember one year after coming back from a wonderful two weeks in Kauai thinking that my city was so damn ugly and grey.  Usually I rhapsodize about it's great beauty but I just looked around after the contrast of Hawaii and I couldn't believe it.  Our island isn't as fantastic as a tropical island but but it's better than the city.  Another plus.

Watched the movie  Groundhog Day as is my usual ritual on groundhog day.  Love that movie on so many levels.  I need a reminder every year.

In the middle of a terrific book called When You're Falling, You Dive by Mark Matousek.  It's the first book I've read that is written by and about someone who has been through tragedy and is managing to live a rich life.  He asks the question what are the common factors among people who have been through so much and have managed to not only survive but thrive and live a more meaningful life.  Most books that are written about being 'an artist of life' or about getting the most out of life are generally about maybe getting through a divorce or some other life challenge.  Not to minimize that kind of suffering but a real tragedy is something else completely.  Many people think that when you've been through real tragedy, you are permanently scarred and don't really recover.  From my own experience, I was stunned to find out how many there were like me, who had been through a lot and don't really talk about it because it's just too hard for others to hear about it so we just quietly go about life.  Only our friends and family know.  Quiet courage.  Anyway, I am enjoying this book so much.  I'll share more when I'm done. 


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