Thursday, November 29, 2012

Did it!

Well we did it, moved to our island!  After much deliberating and procrastinating, something came up that pushed us over the edge of sanity (or insanity) and made us do it.  In July 2012 we packed up and moved over here full time.  What a great decision.  It means that we live in a renovation for a while but we are ready.  Had to dig out my copy of Under The Tuscan Sun in order to remind myself that others do this and that its ok, things will work out, construction does end.  I am also reading other books like it in order to psych myself into some sense of calmness about it all.  Living in a renovation is difficult, sometimes you feel confused and disorganized in your mind too so every book about adventurous souls like us really helps calm me down.  Something I've realized lately is that I've always read books about people who chuck it all for what really matters to them, long before we ever planned this project.  It seems to have been a running theme in my life and now I'm actually living it.  When I started my vicarious adventures my real life was determined by my husband's (now ex) career and where he was sent to work.  Although there was a lot of adventure in that too, I got to see so much of the world even living in two other countries (I am truly grateful), there was no aspect of setting down roots and making the place your own.  That's what I was missing and now have.  I've had the best of both worlds, lots of rootless adventure and now building a life and creating something unique. 
Sooooo we still have to put in the floors and finish off the windows and inside doors, that would just about do it.  The kitchen is done and is absolutely wonderful.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of all we have done because we are so focused on what is left to do. 
We both still commute to the city but we're both working on making work on the island for ourselves so we don't have to.  Truthfully so far I enjoy going back and forth, I get my shopping done, see people, familiar faces and rhythms at work so its not all bad.  Riding the ferries isn't so bad either, I see a lot of the same people who I guess have been doing what we're doing forever.  Its turning out to be a gradual transition, one that we are kind of enjoying. 
Went to the Island Christmas Bazaar this weekend, and it was lovely.  Again just so amazed at the wonderfully creative, intelligent people who live on this island.  The arts and crafts were just beautiful and we particularly enjoy the food...smoked cheese, goat cheese, home baked goodies and the best chutney I've ever tasted...pear chutney.  Also home made soaps and potions, gorgeous quilts, woodworking, so much talent and work.  We so loved it and this year we had an eye for what we could do ourselves at  the next market. 
Went for a long winter walk today too, dark, rainy sky surrounded by tall tall Pacific Northwest trees that I love so much.  There's is something about this part of the world that feels like home to me even though I grew up on the East Coast.  As much as I love it there, this is where I belong. 
Celebrating the birthday of a passed on loved one today, Happy Birthday Tom.  See you after I finish this wonderful life. 

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