Friday, March 11, 2011


Boy I've found this winter difficult.  Don't know why but its been hard slogging through my days.  I also haven't been good at making a point of amusing myself as much as I usually do.  We haven't been going to restaurants much or over to our island as much as usual, I think this has contributed.  Late in winter I always notice my concentration starts to go too, like I need a different kind of stimulation.  My usual winter movie watching and favourite tv shows are not holding my interest.  Must remember this for next year.  Been thinking with the Canadian dollar so high I should go to the US and buy some groceries.  We live so close and its fun to see all the different things you can buy.  My favourite isTrader Joe's .  There is one close to the border in Bellingham but I actually haven't been to that one yet.  I've gone to the one in Seattle and marveled at the cool stuff and cheap too.  I bought french triple milled soap for about 3 buck, usually that stuff is 7-10.  Hard to believe but true.  Lots of cool interesting food too.  If you stay long enough they have wine that people call two buck chuck, some kind of inexpensive red wine for those non-special occasions.  Anyway I may even do that today.  It's rainy and I don't have to work.  Just have to make sure I have health insurance before I go, don't want any crazy medical bills right now.  
Have been watching that British show 'The Islands of Britain'  hosted by Martin Clunes, its on Knowledge Network here in BC.  It's confirmed everything I've started to believe about islands.  They are full of interesting people.  I wonder why that is.  There's such a great pride and sense of identity that they have from living on their particular island.  It's a great show and amazing to see how some people have managed to make do with what they have, be so resourceful in making a living for themselves.  I now understand more what draws me.  I want that in my life too.  That sense of purpose and belonging.  I've lived in so many places since my early 20's that I've never had that and in the city, although there's much I love about it, I haven't really felt a part of it.  I guess I'm finally looking for a place I can really call home and feel connected to.   I do already really feel connected to the west coast even though I was raised on the east coast.  Funny how that happens.  When I first lived in Alaska it happened, I instantly loved it, the mountains, the free spirit of the people, the ocean ....all of it. So now its just finding the right community.  I've found it and I'm on my way but sometimes I get impatient.  Especially in winter.  
Anyway, I think I'm going to run off to the US for the day.  I'll post what my adventure brings.

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