Wednesday, January 26, 2011


'Pain can be your ticket to the most extraordinary life you ever imagined–  if you focus on all of the pain caused by your failure to act, your failure to go for it, your fear of failing–  if you focus on that pain and amplify it and wallow in it, and hold on to it and strengthen it every day.' Hobopoet

I stumbled on the webpage of a guy by the name of Hobopoet who changed his life to suit his values.  As he says, people who just can't cope with wageslavery are not as common as you would think (or maybe they don't know they have a choice).  He has had many jobs but found he was not living the life he really wanted, traveling, a high level of fitness, and lots of freedom to do what he chooses each day.  So he developed a website to teach english, really worked hard to promote it and also maintains his blog on his topic of living the life of personal choice.
I really am amazed at people like this, the drive for freedom is so strong that they just do it.  I, on the other hand, thought I'd better just do what is expected and get on with it.  I so admire people who know who they are early in life and just find a lifestyle that is soul nurturing.  I so wish I had done the same thing but as for many of us I found myself in a life that was soul crushing but didn't really know how to get out of it.  It's not easy to extricate yourself once you're in it. 

Freedom to do what your soul yearns for is not easy.  This guy had to work very hard to develop an income that gave him the life he wanted but as he says he was doing work when he wanted, where he wanted and had such great motivation with his goal in mind.  As he says, he used his pain.  Love it.

I'm not exactly as far along as he is, maybe never will be, but I'm certainly on the way.  I have discovered that people who live on islands are generally of this sort of people, I wonder why.  They even joke about 'island time' which means no one worries, it will get done eventually.  So unlike the city folks.  So it looks like the island life is my way of creating my soul nourishing existance.  Wish me luck.  Reading his blog and others like it that I will share with you, are giving me strength on my journey. 

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